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Traditionally, Mongolia is known for its blue sky, theatrical spaces, and wild horses. Whether it be through the epic of Genghis Khan or the mystical landscapes of the steppe, travelers in search of adventure often have steadfast images of this corner of Central Asia. But if immense views and wild horses fuel our imagination, current life in the capital Ulaanbaatar is far from this legendary reference.

This civilization, rich in history, still lives to the rhythm of a sometimes hostile nature: harsh winters, dry and precipitation-free climate, short but hot summer, sudden storms decimating the herd. These realities are still part of the daily life of today's nomads..

The Mongolian people, through their millennial history and their great conquests, have fascinated the adventurers for a very long time. In this unilingual Mongolian country, communicating with the people is not easy for the traveler. When we want to integrate into this environment, and we face the language barrier, many come back a little frustrated at having been unable to have direct contact with the locals. They then maintain the desire, without knowing how to go about it, to overcome this obstacle before returning to Mongolia. This Mongolian audio course designed to meet these expectations.

Mongolian grammar

» Vowel harmony

» Interrogative particules

» Interrogative pronouns « who »

» Mongolian cases

Mongolian case : nominative

Mongolian case : accusative

Mongolian case : comitative

Mongolian case : ablative

Mongolian case : dative

Mongolian case : genitive

Mongolian case : instrumental

non-verbal communication in Mongolia

» Mongolian verbs

» Verbal forms in mongolian